In the wake of the 3rd building collapse in Lagos in a space of two weeks, there has been little effort made by the government agencies to prevent further occurrences. Guilty fingers can be pointed at many parties in connection with the tragic incidents.
Firstly, the inheritance system in Nigeria is badly monitored. Families inherit properties and share them into smaller portions resulting into the construction of weak vertical structures in a bid to maximize land space and materials.
Secondly, the construction process in Lagos is poorly monitored by the responsible agencies. LASBCA has relented in its mandate to ensure that buildings in Lagos State are designed, constructed and maintained to high standards of safety so as to avoid loss of lives and properties through its building regulatory system.
Furthermore, there is a surge in the quantity of substandard construction materials flooding the Nigerian markets. The Standard Organization of Nigeria should increase sanctions imposed on the distributors of such materials.
The Nigerian real estate sector is plagued with various loopholes and the need for facility management and maintenance is at an all-time high. The consequences of the incompetence of all parties involved; government and private stakeholders will continue to lead to the loss of innocent lives if a radical change does not take place.


Phote:TVC News

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