Real Estate Consultancy, Mortgage and Brokerage Firm


ShelterPro Ltd is a leading international real estate consultancy, mortgage, turnkey construction and brokerage firm, located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

As a property consultancy of choice for many experienced investors looking to build, we also offer a full consultancy service to new investors looking to enter the thriving Nigerian property market.

Our strength is in our approach. Transparent, trustworthy and with a wealth of market knowledge, our expert team will guide you through all aspects of the process, ensuring you make an informed choice. A smarter choice.

We are committed to building long-term relationships and providing ongoing services such as facility maintenance. So whether or not you are here in Lagos, you can be rest assured that your property would be well looked after.

We provide in-depth guidance tailored to your individual requirements without the pressure. Only providing you with the information you need and introducing properties that match your profile. At Shelter Professionals, you will find products that are not always offered by our competitors. We specialise in carefully sourced affordable assets that deliver stable returns, capital appreciation and the security that you expect from your purchase.

ShelterPro Ltd is also a service station for Africans in the diaspora who look to possess, build and manage an asset portfolio of their own without them being present for either the acquisition or building phase.


  • Empathic
  • Insightful
  • Transparent
  • Professional


ShelterPro Ltd does a worthy job at filling a prevailing societal trouble, where a thriving emigrant who intends to build a home in their fatherland have met challenges with selecting a reliable party to work with. Unfortunately, there’s a concise history of people who have tried working with family and have been swindled by their blood ties. This unaddressed societal unrest opens the door for ShelterPro Ltd to thrive and succeed.

Our objective is to break through the barriers that impedes property ownership for our market base and to position ourselves as a trustworthy service professional. We have laid out an innovative process for them to own a property in Nigeria with less starting capital, less paperwork required, transparent working relationship and a community of professionals to assist through the process. With our empathic style and passion for people, we aspire to provide our clientele the ultimate experience.

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